was 14 years ago that an Irish setter got to our family by chance. We were not familiar with this type of dog, but we quickly got to like his elegance, kindness, shrewdness, and playfulness. After the unfortunate death of the 12-year-old dog due to some incurable illness, we knew that our future dog can only be a Setter. Being so attached to the Setter and remembering that I once saw at an exhibition a Gordon setter, whose beauty impressed me, I instantly knew that my future dog cannot be other than a Gordon setter.
I started to collect information and get to know this type better. A friend of mine, who knows much about Setters, drew my attention to the Guinness kennel. From here, the road led straight to Logen, who was born the following spring. It took a long time until I could finally take him home.
Logen was 8 weeks old when he got to me. It soon became apparent that he was lively, curious, and easy to make friends with. Obviously, just like all puppy owners, I also had to go through the initial difficulties of the first few weeks. Logen always wanted to be near people, he chewed anything in his way, and he needed much attention.

Fortunately, Logen’s breeder, Edit Lüley gave me much advice and we keep in touch to this very day. She willingly helps the entire family, should any questions or problems arise.
As the weeks and months passed, the true nature and character of Logen gradually came to light. This type of dog needs a lot of attention, he must be dealt with every day, and he is very playful. I soon realized that Logen enjoys himself best in free, outer areas, where he can try his hunting instincts and where he can satisfy his huge need for motion. 
As a result of these cha-racteristics, the idea evolved in me that in order to main- tain the dog’s nature, cons-cious and organized breeding is necessary. So we started the dog-school, where Logen performs the various obedie-nce exercises with much cooperation and discipline. The high level of intelligence the dog has is obvious if we take into account that although he is kept in the garden, any time we went on foreign vacation, he was able to adapt to unfamiliar envi- ronment (e.g. in a flat) with- out any difficulties.  
  Since my long term plans included that Logen would participate in competitions, it did matter a lot in terms of his socializing as well, how he behaved in an unfamiliar environ-ment among many dogs.
He took part in his first competition when he was 12 months old. I do not know which of us was more nervous, since this was my first challenge as well. It gave me a great impetus that Logen received K1(Excellent 1) in the young category among many participants. They told me a lot of nice things about the dog and the experts encouraged me, saying that it is definitely worth taking part in competitions. Since then, we have participated at numerous exhibitions organized by MEOE. As a result of the continuous good results, Logen won the Hungarian Junior Champion Award on 28 Aug, 2005. This fills me with great happiness, and it is a good feeling that on the competitions, a lot of people admire Logen’s beauty and congratulate for the good results.
Professionals also appreciate Logen’s capabilities and encourage us to continue participating in competitions, because according to them Logen has a great future ahead of him. Since then, he has had encouraging results in the “growing juvenile” category as well; for example he won the “Species-1st-Award” on CACIB in Kecskemét on 11th September, 2005. 

In October, 2005 we took part on the breeding inspection organized by the Setter Club, where, based on serious examinations, it was decided that he can be bred. Now there is no obstacle for him to meet and cover a bitch having similar characteristic features. I would like Logen’s features to descend to many puppies.

After the tragical death of our beloved dog Guinness Logen, my family and I decided we are going to look for another Gordon Setter.
We fell in love with this beautiful and noble race many years ago. Logen was our first Gordon Setter. We bought him from Guinness kennel in 2004. We remember fondly for the two years of his life he has spent with us. He was our good friend, even a member of our family who also had famous victories on the dog shows.

With the help of our friend Mrs. Ildikó Stefán, the president of the Hungarian Setter Club, we started looking for another Gordon in Europe, with the same qualities that Logen had. Soon we have found the famous Italian Ludstar kennel. They had two young Gordon males for sale that time. One of them was Liric Jupiter Ludstar.
Jupiter was born in England in the Liric kennel (its owner is Mrs. M R Justice), and he was 3 months old when he arrived to Italy to Dr. Ludovica and Dr. Michele Ivaldi. They taught him the basics, and all those things you need at a dog show. We were overjoyed to receive him from Ludstar kennel. It was 25 November 2006 when we could finally take Jupiter home (we call him Petey). We recog-nized his real character in from the very first moment. He is very clever, friendly and he is also very curious about everything that is new.
Our intention is to continue his education as well as we can and as Logen taking him to dog shows. Most importantly he goes to dog school now, where he is very smart and discipli-ned, and he can socialize with his fellow dogs. In our free time we go for trips to teach him more and more about the world.
On January 2007 Petey’s hip dysplasia screening brings an excellent result. BVA/HD 4:4

FCI confirmed our kernel name in December 2007. The name I picked is ’Over the Hills’.
What inspired me to pick this particular name?

These words describe the best how I saw Southern-Scotland, in all her glamour during my trip around the British Isles back in 1997. Edinburgh, Glasgow, and the magnificent, green slopes around Loch Lomond all lured me to explore the land, to breathe in its beauty, and to go over the horizon, over the hills.

… This is the first line of the

traditional 18th century English song, which depicts the life of contemporary British soldiers. I first encountered this song in the series entitled ’Sharpe’, which were adapted from the novels of my favorite writer Bernard Cornwell.
For me, the gordon setter is the earthly manifestation of grace, elegance and nobility in the animal world. When someone goes for a stroll with one of them learns fast that in one moment, the dog is running playfully in sight, and in the other moment it is gone, striding over the hills.
 With all this in mind, I felt that the phrase ’Over the Hills’ expresses best the way I feel towards Scotland and the setters.
I can only recommend this type of dog to all those who like having fun, like the environment, like to walk with their dog, and who can provide the necessary free moving space for their dog. I experienced that this type is friendly with strangers, small children, and other dogs as well. Nevertheless, obviously much depends on the attitude and consistent breeding of the owner. This is a dog that can return love and affection, and that causes a lot of happiness for its owner.